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Specific Identification of a Taeniid Cestode from Snow Leopard, Uncia uncia Schreber, 1776 (Felidae) in Mongolia

Sumiya Ganzorig*,**, Yuzaburo Oku**, Munehiro Okamoto***, and Masao Kamiya**


An unknown taeniid cestode, resembling Taenia hydatigena, was recovered from a snow leopard, Uncia uncia in Mongolia. Morphology and nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial cytochromec oxidase subunit 1 gene (mt DNA COI) ofthe cestode found was examined. The cestode is differed from T hydatigena both morphologically and genetically. The differences between two species were in the gross length, different number of testes, presence of vaginal sphincter and in egg size. The nucleotide sequence of this cestode differed from that of 7: hydatigena at 34 of the 384 (8.6%) nucleotide positions examined. The present cestode is very close to 7: kotlani in morphology and size of rostellar hooks. However, the adult stages of the latter species are unknown, and further comparison was unfeasible.

Keyword: Mongolia,snow leopard,Taenia,taxonomy,mt DNA,cestode,Taeniidae


*Department ofZoolopy, Faculty of Biology, National University of Mongol~a, Ulaanbaatar 21 0646, Mongolia **Laboratory of'Parasitology, Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkardo University, Sap