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Time–series Satellite Data Analysis for Assessment of Vegetation Cover in Mongolia

Naidansuren Erdenesaikhan


Vegetation cover and its dynamics and trends are of interest for many: starting from herders, crop farmers and wildlife managers to decision makers, planners and wide profile of scientists. Discussed here is an attempt to assess the vegetation temporal dynamics using time series NOAA satellite 1 km data that cover the territory of Mongolia in the period of 1989 – 2002. Normalized Differences Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Departure from Average methods were employed to assess the vegetation cover status and its changes and trends over 14 years. The author has used raw data from the NOAA satellite active archive for this study and processed through Erdas Imagine and ArcGIS software packages. This study can be useful tool for land, pasture, wildlife managers and others interested in vegetation cover changes over vast areas of Mongolia and valuable in case where lack of vegetation data.

Keyword: Vegetation cover,satellite data,NDVI,departure from average


Environ LLC., Bayanzurkh district, XII Micro-district,Bldg.1-11, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia e-mail: Erdes@environ.mn