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Chemical Composition and Amount of Macro and Microelements .of Pine (Pinus silvestris L) and Larch (Larix sibirica Ldb) Trees in Mongolia

J. Sukhdolgor*, S. Badamtsetseg* and D. Adyakhuu**


One thousand seed weight of pine and larch trees taken from district Bugant of province Selenge and district Mungen Mort, Tuv province and the bark, other mixture and the items still with bark were defined and comored. Chemical composition of the seeds of pine and larch trees was defined. The dry substance in pine seeds was 94.6%, protein 45.1 %, oil 22.1 %, ash 1.5%, respectively. In the seeds of larch trees dry substance was 93.8%, protein 18.7% and ash 2.1 %, respectively. The amount of macro and microelements in the ash samples of above tree seeds is determined in a spectrum laboratory. There were 20 elements in the seeds of pine trees and 19 elements in the seeds of larch trees.

Keyword: Pinus sylvestris,Larix sibirica,seeds,pure seed,macroelements,microelements.


*Department of Biochemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Biology. National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar 21 0646, Mongolia. **Hepatological Clinical Centre of Traditional Medicine, Ulaan